How adventurent works

Adventurent is an easy way to rent gear for any adventure or to safely provide your own in just a couple simple steps.

For renters

  1. Find equipment for your next adventure – right in your city or adventure destination and send a booking request to your provider.
  2. Meet your provider at the time and place you agreed and pick up the gear for your adventure.
  3. Enjoy your adventure and share your experience with others by providing honest feedback about your provider and gear!

For providers

  1. Take some beautiful photos of your gear (trust us, that really helps!) and give your ad a descriptive title as well as a description.
  2. Tell the community where they can pick up your gear. Set the availability and for how much you are prepared to offer it per day.
  3. After a brief review by the adventurent team, your ad will get posted and your gear becomes available to the community.

Your gear is insured

Your equipment is insured through the private liability insurance of the renters. All members of the adventurent community are required to confirm they are properly insured through their personal liability insurance to settle any damages that might occur to your gear.