Frequently asked questions

What is adventurent?

adventurent is an online community of sports enthusiasts who help each other out by lending each other the equipment they need. Regardless of whether you’re going biking, camping or canyoining, our goal is to be able to support you in getting the right gear, at the right time, and most importantly, at the right price!

Why choose adventurent?

Being outdoorsy ourselves, it can be hard to always have the gear when you want to try a new sport, especially when you’re in a foreign location. By being part of our community, you can rent high quality equipment for less! Not to mention, by sharing rather than buying, we’re helping by making our ecological footprint just a teeny bit smaller.

How can I become a provider?

Becoming a provider is easy. If you have an account, click the add your gear button on the top right hand corner of the website. From there fill out all the necessary details and you’re already good to go!

Tip: To make your gear stand out, be sure to take high quality pictures of your items!

Note: At the moment, to become a provider, you are required to have a Swiss bank account.

What kind of gear can I rent?

Generally speaking, we are looking for high quality sports equipment and accessories. This can include anything from tents, to bicycles, ice-skates, stand-up paddle boards but also items such as go-pros or ski clothing. If you can’t find the appropriate category for your gear, please reach out to us under: hello[at]

How do I set the price of my gear?

You know your equipment best. How much you are willing to rent it for is entirely up you!

When will I get paid?

Following the completion of a rental, we try to get you your money as fast as possible. However, for security reasons, this process can take up to 10 business days.

Can I choose when I want to rent my gear?

Any days where you might be using your gear yourself you can block it in the calendar you have in your dashboard. You are also able to freeze your ad at any time should you not want to rent your gear for an extended period of time.

When can I pick-up and return the gear?

The earliest pick-up as well as the latest return time for the equipment are specified by the provider. However, it is up to the two of you to arrange the exact times in the booking request.

Is the gear insured?

Your gear is insured through the private liability insurance of the renters. Members of the adventurent community are required to confirm they are properly insured through their personal liability insurance to settle any damages that might occur to your gear. To make this process as seamless as possible, we strongly recommend that renter and provider both exchange their contact details prior to the rental.

What happens if gear is damaged?

While we obviously hope this never happens, accidents occur. As a renter, you are responsible to have personal liability insurance to cover any damages that may occur, or be prepared to cover damages yourself. We generally trust you to be able to come to an agreement together, however if necessary our team at adventurent can support the mediation process. If you need our assistance send us an email to support[at]

How can I give adventurent feedback?

We look forward to any feedbacks or inputs you might have! Please do not hesitate to send us an email to hello[at]