About us

If you’re anything like us – then in your mind you’re already planning what your next adventure will be. Regardless of whether that is a week of camping with friends, a daytrip to go canyoning or hitting the slopes on a perfect powder weekend.

Last year, more than 50% of Europeans have done at least one physical outdoor activity. But that wasn’t always as easy as we’d hoped.

The first issue we repeatedly faced was, where can we get the gear we need for our next adventure, without spending a boatload of money on buying it?

The second problem we wanted to solve was, that when we did buy gear, it repeatedly ended up only being used a few times before it ended up unused in the cellar. This was bad for both the environment and our adventure budget.

Finally, we were always just a wee bit too short on funds to get in every adventure we wanted to. Which is why we thought – why not let others enjoy their adventures, while they help us save towards our next one!

These three ideas cumulated into adventurent. Make people lives easier, have fun doing it, and make our environment just a little bit greener.

So that’s our story. What’s yours going to be?

Get to browsing! Or, start saving up for your next adventure by uploading your own gear!